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Check it! the amazing Making Monsters - Nosebleed. We shot this in a abandoned insane asylum. I don’t think we could have got a better location for this video. 

Here’s a video we did for an Irish artist by the name of Laura Elizabeth Hughes. Her fantastic song “Recall” 

Check out the video we made for Ram’s Pocket Radio “Love is a bitter thing”

Check out the music video we made for The Kid’s debut single “Heartbeat” Lots of amazing things to come for this artist.

Check out Santa Cruz by Silences! A lot of fun working with such a talented bunch.

It’s an honour to have worked with The Answer again. When we were asked to do the second single off the album we jumped at the chance. 

This was a lot of fun. The theme was based on the album artwork by the legendary Storm Thorgerson most famour for creating Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon album cover. 

Cormac and I went back and forth with ideas and eventually came up with the story for the video. An altered perception of reality and the inner struggle of the mind. 


What a band! it’s been over a year since our last music video with Mojo Gogo. Check out 420! These guys deserve success. 

We hear a lot of new NI music coming through the company and of late we’ve noticed a shift in the type of music that’s being released. Whether this indicates a flavour change or is just isolated to our throughput we don’t know. It’s exciting nonetheless. 

Check out the video we made for Go Swim’s “Call Sign” exciting new music. 

Here’s the video we made for Making Monster’s “limits”. 

These guys are going to go far! 

NI Clic Sargent Charity Video. When Jason Clarke asked us if we’d like to donate our services to film a charity video to help support young people with cancer and their families we jumped at the chance to help out with such a worthy cause. We were tight for time and up until the last minute one of our editors Aaron was making changes. We are extremely happy with the outcome and hope the video brings awareness to the cause. 

We’d like to thank all the NI celebrities that gave their time for the video. 

If you feel like donating visit

or text  SONG70 (Followed by amount) e.g. £2.00 to 70070

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Here’s a band we think are going to go very far. We filmed in the studio with the guys as well as Mandela Halls. Such a pleasure to work with a great band of this calibre starting out. 

A real pleasure to work with an artist that wants to push the bar each time we work together. The official video for Jason Clarke’s Smoke and Mirrors. 


A lyric video we created for Jason Clarke’s Smoke and Mirrors. 

THE BELLS! THE BELLS! We’ve lost count of how many music videos we’ve made with this amazing band. LostAlone’s management who also look after The Darkness found this gem of a location, a 140 year old Cathedral with grand pillars that is now being used as a youth centre. The guys wanted this video to mark a new era in the bands career. A completely new album with a completely new and remarkable sound. ENJOY! 

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